RV Warranty Nightmares!

So you want a brand new RV camper with all the newest bells and whistles? It is important to remember that new campers will more often than not come with lots of bugs. You might feel 100% confident that the warranty will cover them but that is simply not the case. Once you sign those papers and you drive the camper off the lot, their liability to the warranty is limited. That is why they call it a limited warranty. The company does not have to fix the issues you find on your new RV.

As mentioned in the video, the fixes that are done are merrily to protect the company name such as Jayco or Forest River. The dealer is paid by the manufacturer to do the warranty work. The sad part is you almost always have to go to the dealer to get the fix. Sometimes your RV will sit there for days or weeks before the fix is complete. Unlike a car, there are no lemon laws for an RV so you can easily be refused warranty work by a dealer and you will have no recourse. Think of buying a new RV as buying a new car with no warranty. That is essentially what it is like.

If you are buying a new camper, you need to have an expert go through the camper before you take it off the lot and sign the papers. This way, you can get all the things that need to be fixed taken care of much easier and faster. The dealer will expedite the fixes so they can get their final check and get the camper out the door. The sad thing is, most folks do not take this extra step. Camper Pros will do this for you for a very reasonable price. You do not have to tell the dealer that you are bringing in a tech, just tell them you are going to have a friend look at the RV before you pick it up. Camper Pros will then make a list of all the things that need attention before you take your RV home.

The best solution, buy a used camper that is about a year old or so. When you do this, the bugs from the original factory-build will be already fixed and taken care of. You will have more time to enjoy your camper and you will save some money as well. If you insist you want a new RV, buy it during the Winter months when it is cold so you have plenty of time before the Spring RV season starts to get all the issues fixed. In addition, the repair departments will not be as busy during the Winter. If you wait till summer. it will likely take the entire summer just to get your repairs done under the warranty.

In summary, if you want to buy a new RV, just be careful and be sure to go over it with a fine-tooth comb. If you are in the Western North Carolina area, you can always give Camper Pros a call at 1-888-501-4456.