How To Make an Old RV Look Like New!

Let’s say you have an older RV that has lost its new looking luster. You might think that that is just the way it is because the RV is getting older. You also might not want to do a conventional wax job since that requires a lot of elbow grease and an RV has a lot of real estate to buff. Well we have a great solution to make the job easier and to make that old RV look like new again!

First, start with a soft scrub product with bleach that is available at most dollar stores. Mix some up and use a long handle brush like you would use to wash a car. You can get these brushes with retractable handles so the length can be adjusted. Use the solution to scrub the vehicle and it will help to get rid of stains and discoloration. Then rinse. Next, make a solution using Dawn dishwashing soap and scrub and rinse again with the soap solution. This will remove any remaining residue and you will have a nice clean surface to work with.

The next step is to go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a bottle of Zep Wet Look Floor Polish, Yes you heard right. Wet Look Floor Polish. Pour some into a paint tray and get a sponge mop at Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store and use the mop to apply the polish. Apply the polish in even strokes up and down. Remember that you are only going to touch the gel coat. The painted surfaces do not need to be treated. Apply several coats applying each coat after the first one dries. It will look like a brand new RV with minimal cost and minimal work!

The best part is that the application lasts through the worst of weather. Both heat and rain did not dull the RV even after a year. Regardless, I am going to treat it again this year as well, a few less coats of Zep will be needed since the shine is still there. The surface will look like glass!

This process works so well I simply cannot stop ;looking at the shine on this older RV! Try it, you will be glad you did. Tell your friends that Camper Pro’s gave you this great tip!