Heat Sucks for RV Repair

At Camper Pros, our day starts at 6 AM. The first thing that has to done is empty the toilet tank from the ambulance. This is going to be a busy day with lots of calls. But first, Ross shows off all his newly planted grass that is really starting to grow. Today the heat is on as the temperatures soar.

The heat really makes it hard to work outdoors as it can make you feel nauseous and tired but the calls are not going to fix themselves. The first call of the day was to replace an igniter on a circuit board. The team them does silicone sealing and finds a leak in the water heater compartment after replacing the board. The fix was replacing a simple fuse that was blown. 42 minutes later they arrive at the next call to repair a slider .

The motor on this slide was really hard to remove but we finally got it. The motor was specially designed for that slide in order to allow it to fit in a really small space. The motor had a damaged gear box.

The team ends the day back at the Homestead. Ross just wanted to mention that Ember Glow RV resort is his personal favorite place to camp. Nice friendly people there help[ to provide a very satisfying experience. Check them out!

It has been another successful day at Camper Pros with lots of happy customers. We will see you you in the next blog!