How To Maintain An RV Toilet

Got a clogged RV toilet, who are you going to call?  Why the Camper Pros of course. But here are some tips to keep that toilet from clogging in the first place.

First of all, limit the amount of toilet paper you put into the bowl. You cannot fill an RV toilet with paper or it will clog up. Only put a small amount in the toilet and put the rest in a waste receptacle you should have right next to you. In addition, the type of paper you use makes all the difference in the world. If you anything other than Scotts, you are both wasting your money and causing issues with your black tank. Scott’s paper is thin and is very friendly for both septic tanks and black tanks. In addition, Scotts gives you 1000 sheets per roll while the other brands give you only about 350 or 400 sheets. The answer is clear, use only Scotts!

An RV toilet is very delicate. They are usually mostly plastic and the seals are very sensitive. It is important not to plop down on the seat as it will cause the seal to come loose. Sit on the toilet gracefully and slowly and your seals will thank you for it! Also, it is important that the right kind of seal is used when installing the toilet in the first place. If not, you will have problems down the road. At Camper Pros, we make sure it is done right.

Did you know you need a full bowl of water in order to properly flush an RV toilet? Well, now you do. Be sure you have a full bowl of water before you flush even if it means adding some from the sink. In addition, do not flush wipes of feminine products in the toilet. The same goes for home toilets as well. These products can clog up the pipes and even cause problems at home especially if you have a grinder system for your sewer.

If you do not follow these simple steps, you will get a clogged black tank plus a leaky toilet. This all equals out to a big repair bill. So do yourself a favor and apply these tips and your RV toilet will last and perform as expected for a very long time. This will save you both money and aggravation in the long term. If after all this you still have issues, call the Camper Pros and they will promptly and effectively get your issue fixed oftentimes on the same day you call!