The RV Business is Booming

With all the stuff going on in the World today, more and more people are turning to alternatives in order to make the new normal a lot more enjoyable. Covid-19 has completely changed the way we do everyday things such as shopping, eating out, getting a haircut, going out for a drink, going to see a movie and also it has severely altered the way we travel. For example, people are turning to in home entertainment centers as an alternative to going to the movies. Drive In theaters are beginning to pop up again all across the United States as most folks are afraid to be in a crowded movie theater with people sneezing and coughing. With a Drive In movie, you get to watch in the comfort of your car. Most restaurants now offer curbside and pick up as an alternative to eating in the dining room.

Now that things are opening back up, people are not really flocking back to conventional hotels for their vacation plans. Many are using Air B&B or are buying or renting RV’s as an alternative to motels and hotels. For many people that never even considered buying an RV, it is getting to be on the top of their bucket list. A lot of folks are testing out the waters by renting at first to see if it is their cup of tea. For most, the onetime rental will turn into a full scale sale.

The advantages of traveling with an RV are extremely numerous. First and foremost you have the safety factor. When you visit a motel or hotel, there is always a chance that somebody in the lobby might be infected with the virus or even might of used your room before you got there. The chances are not all that high but they are there. When you get up in the morning the first thing you have to do is battle the breakfast crowds at a nearby restaurant or at the hotel itself. When you are in an RV, making breakfast is just like doing it at home. Not only do you save money but you beat the crowds as well.

I think the future of vacations for the short term will not necessarily be going to tourist locations but rather to places like parks that are remote and have lots of nature to share. Not only does this keep you away from crowds of people but also helps your mental wee being in a natural environment. It also easily allows social distancing and a high degree of safety. It is a known fact that the virus is not as easy to get in an outdoor environment as it is in an enclosed area with not a lot of air moving.

After being locked up for a couple of months, people are really tired of looking at the same 4 walls. People want to travel but nobody is in a hurry to get on an airplane. Planes are considered a fairly high risk environment to get this virus. You are with people that you have no idea where they were or where they traveled to prior to getting on your plane. That is why folks are going to be traveling in a whole different way this year. That is again where having an RV is going to be an advantage, You are only with people that you know and you do not have to mingle with a single stranger if you so desire not to. So go ahead and test out that RV you have been thinking about. If you have doubts, get a rental first just to try it. The freedom you will experience will make you a believer.