$2000 RV Washer Almost Dropped !

Ross and his team work on replacing an Inverter that is located under the RV bed. Next stop is a washer and stove install under warranty. Ross and Walt show you how to do it the right way. Very tight fit for the stove top. Next up is the washing machine and dryer. In an RV, there are special mounts that have to be secured to be sure the washing machine and dryer stay’s in place while the vehicle is in motion. The team uses special straps to carry the heavy washer and dryer inside the RV . Once they are properly installed Ross and Walt install a couple of awnings. After a hard days work Ross goes back to the homestead to move some logs with the flatbed and trailer from a lot they are clearing. The first load breaks free from the trailer and has to be restacked on the truck with the dozer. Finally after all that, home to relax at last.