RV Parts Are In Short Supply

The pandemic  is causing a lot more problems then just making people sick. The issues related to COVID-19 are by far very widespread and is now starting to affect the RV and technology sector of the economy. The issues are amplified by the fact that people are buying and renting more RV’s than ever before. Demand is up but the supply just cannot keep up the pace.

The truth is that RV sales are at an all time high because of the Pandemic. More people are traveling by RV than ever before and are traveling even outside of the summer vacation season. While it is great that RV sales are up, it is getting increasingly hard to get parts for repairs. As states see the COVID-19 numbers on the increase, some manufacturing plants in harder hit areas are often either short on help or have to shut down completely because of sick employees. Even if this is only temporary, every blip causes the shortage to get more and more severe. Dealers are even seeing simple items like hitches in short supply. Many dealers are selling RV’s that are not even off the assembly line yet.

People see RV travel as safer because they do not have to stop at Hotels to sleep or even use public restrooms. It really helps to keep people in a safe environment. There are also a record number of first time buyers. We are seeing some RV parks that used to close for the winter now staying open year round as the demand for parks to stay at increases.

RV repair is another hard hit area where the waiting list for certain parts continues to grow. If you know you are going to need a new AC unit in the Spring, do not wait to have it replaced. Get it done now while things are a little slower. If you wait till Spring, the demand is going to be off the charts. The same goes for almost any RV repair. Do not put it off just because it is off season. Get the repairs done now while it is a little slower. Waiting till Spring could put a big damper on your summer vacation next year.

Ross Deprey of Camper Pro’s says that getting that repair done now during the off season will help you have a much more enjoyable summer vacation season. It is important to start thinking ahead as parts will only be harder to obtain as the Spring demand begins.

If you are near the foothills of North Carolina, you are in luck. Camper Pro’s serves the Western NC area with on time, friendly service when you need it. The waiting time is minimal to none. Give them a call at 1-888-501-4456. You will be glad you did.