Horse Trailer Maintenance Service – Tryon International Equestrian Center

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Just like RV’s, horse trailers need maintenance as well. The truth is that many folks that travel with their horses from place to p[lace also have a separate horse trailer that they use to transport their animals. Many horse venues like Tryon also have RV parks on their property. Often times most of the maintenance goes into the RV while less goes to the trailer.

Your horse trailer has to be a safe haven for your horses when you travel. You need to pay close attention to the reliability of the trailer with regular maintenance. It is important to have a maintenance checklist to refer to before each trip.

The first and one f the most important things to do is to check for tire wear. You need to check the tires frequently because a blow out on the highway can have devastating consequences. Look for any unusual tire wear or tire wear that is not even. This can be caused by defective or worn wheel and axle components. Also check the air pressure and follow the recommendations located on the sidewall of the tire or the trailer manufacturer. Flat spots on the tires can come from skidding or tires locking up. This can cause a bumpy ride for your horse’s.

Another biggie is the rechargeable battery that is onboard to run the lights etc. Check the battery with a good quality tester before each trip to be sure you do not have any surprises on your trip.

One thing you do not want to overlook is the trailer brakes. Before bringing your horses on the rig, be sure to give the rig a test stop to be sure everything is good. The last thing you want is a brake issue, especially when driving in hilly terrain.

Lets not forget to check your trailer lights, stop lights and turn signals. Often times after hooking up your trailer, the contacts for the wires can get corroded. Be sure they are making good contact and that the lights are bright and easily visible.

For the comfort of your horses, check the flooring for any holes or other abnormalities that could injure or make the horse uncomfortable. Check for dry rot and if you have aluminum floors, look for any signs of corrosion. While you are at it, check all your sliding windows to be sure they are easy to open and close. One more thing to look at and check are the lug nuts that secure the wheels to the trailer. Be sure they are tight and did not loosen up from the road vibrations and bumps.

If you have an AC unit on your trailer, it is best to test it out well before departing. If your system is not up to par, you can do some checks on your own and be sure the coils are not clogged with dirt. This will impede air flow and cause the AC not to cool properly. If everything looks good and you are still not getting cool air, it is time to call a pro. If you live in the foothills of North Carolina or are travelling through that region you are in luck. You can call Camper Pro’s to the rescue. They offer friendly service and you do not have to wait days to get the job done. You can contact them at 1-888-501-4456. You will be glad you did. They can do all the necessary checks on your trailer for you as well.